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DeltaCrypt: a proud partner of the Canada’s Department of National Defence for many years.


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IBM’s World’s Thinnest and Most Powerful Chip
IBM’s World’s Thinnest and Most Powerful Chip August 1th, 2015 IBM recently unveiled a new ultra-dense chip design that is four times as powerful as today’s best silicon. While still in the research and development phase, this chip is said to shrink things down to 10 nanometres and eventually 7 nanometres. Ideal for the future […] [...]

The PC that fits in your pocket: Archos PC Stick
The PC that fits in your pocket: Archos PC Stick. July 1th, 2015 Archos Stick PC is betting that any screen-including a TV-must be transformed quickly and easily by PC. With its HDMI input, PC Stick connects easily to a TV, thus providing all the high-tech ergonomics of a computer. It would revolutionize the PC? […] [...]

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