DUSKWatch USB Control


Mobility and the severe regulatory climate for better information protection have created significant challenges for IT administrators responsible for data security and organizational networks. With USB encryption protection and control, DUSKWatch USB Control ensures that users are following your organization’s best practices and security policies when transporting digital data on removable devices.

Control USB Mass Storage Devices

DUSKWatch USB Control provides peace of mind by controlling USB storage devices connected to networks. Transparent to users, your organization can select which mass storage devices are allowed and which are not. DUSKWatch USB Control logging of USB device activities allows to better identify security issues and properly shape the security policies of your organization.

Enforces Your Security Policies

The DUSKWatch USB Control solution reduces vulnerabilities related to data mobility, increases knowledge of your computer network USB devices activities and prevents information leaks.

Encrypt USB Drives

DUSKWatch USB Control works in combination with DUSK-USB Encryption to secure USB mass storage devices. DUSK-USB Encryption is a software solution that installs on any commercial USB drive regardless of the model, brand and manufacturer, using strong AES 256 encryption by default.

USB Drive Monitoring

DUSKWatch USB Control provides full monitoring of USB removable device activities. It reports increase situational awa-reness of network activities namely by helping identify the most vulnerable workstations to illegal intrusions. Better awareness of USB activities ensures that management make the right decisions about security.

DUSKWatch Manager for User Support

DUSKWatch Manager completes the DUSKWatch USB Control offering. It offers support to users with its protected drive backup recovery of mobile data and its temporary password feature for accessing secured data when needed.

The DUSKWatch Manager provides logging reports of DUSK-USB Encryption devices, raising environmental awareness on your organisation’s corporate network activities. This will help identify the most vulnerable workstations, and encourage clearer decisions when it comes to security.

For Multiple Networks

Combined to a partitioned DUSK-USB protection offering secure data clusters, DUSK-USB Control links a secure USB device partition to a network. DUSK-USB Control enables to apply different sets of algorithms and passwords to secure each partition according to your organization’s needs. DUSK-USB Control may link a single or multiple partitions per network according to the selected settings.


  • DUSKWatch USB Control is the perfect solution to control USB removable devices
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities
  • Raise environmental awareness
  • Protect mobile data
  • Prevent data leakages and illegal intrusions
  • Works with limited and unlimited privileges
  • Log recording of USB activities
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