DUSKWatch USB Control


Mobility and the increased regulatory climate for better data protection and USB drive control, namely in Europe with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have created significant challenges. 

DUSKWatch USB Control provides USB drive control and mobile data protection to facilitate the tasks of IT administrators and Data Protection Officers (DPO) responsible to protect and assess personal data impacts to minimize privacy risks.

USB Drive Control

DUSKWatch USB Control allows selecting and filtering which USB storage devices may be connected to your network. Prioritize the protection and privacy of outgoing mobile data by controlling USB memory sticks.

Mobile Data Protection

DUSKWatch USB Control combines with the DUSK-USB Encryption protection for securing mobile data on USB sticks. This is a software protection that installs on USB pen drives regardless of the model, brand and manufacturer.

Privacy Risks Reduction

DUSKWatch USB Control is a data protection mechanism that guarantees that data will not be made accessible to an indefinite number of users. Completely transparent and without any user interface, it will filter the USB ports by controlling and permitting the USB thumb drives or flash-drives of your choice.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

From the different activity reports generated by the solution, it becomes easy to identify the most vulnerable workstations to illegal intrusions while getting a better understanding of the activities of USB pen drives of users.

When combined with the DUSK-USB protection, it is possible to generate detailed reports on the outgoing data flow to USB mass storage devices. These reports enhance traceability and data mapping of sensitive information copied to jump drives. Ideal for data inventory: Know who copy what in real time and be in a better position to react quickly in case of an emergency.

Privacy Risks Evaluation

The log reports provide assistance to organization in assessing outgoing information flow. With more details at hand, one may identify unforeseen or unintentional uses of data, or simply ensure the users are aware of practical implications for these data accesses. In short, these reports help collect more precisions on your data flow and consequently are beneficial in determining potential privacy risks.

Tailor User Privileges

Whether granting to groups of users specific privileges or limiting the use of protected USB disk keys to your network, the DUSKWatch USB Control solution allows to also control outgoing files on USB data storage devices.


  • Provides assurance that mobile data remains confidential at all times
  • Reduce privacy risks
  • Provides environmental awareness
  • Prevent data leaks and illegal intrusions
  • Data protection impact assessment tool
  • Group USB thumb drives and assign specific permissions to each group
  • Comply with data security practices and adopted codes of conduct
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements for data protection
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