Ingenuity At the Service of IT Security

DeltaCrypt is active in the field of server access and data security. Its product offering includes strong two-factor authentication systems that restrict network access to only authorized personnel, data ports protection to avoid unauthorized data extract from the user base, advanced encryption tools for USB, external hard disk, and file protection to secure data “on the road” or exchanged through emails, and consulting services to assess systems security, implement security solutions, and develop custom made security systems.

The most costly cybercrimes are those caused by malicious insiders, denial of services and web-based attacks. Mitigation of such attacks requires enabling technologies such as SIEM (security information and event management), intrusion prevention systems, applications security testing solutions and enterprise GRC solutions (governance, risk management and compliance).



Foreign Affairs Canada Vulnerable to Phishing Scams
Foreign Affairs Canada Vulnerable to Phishing Scams Several officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada were trapped by fraudulent e-mails. Be aware that strong authentication could at least prevent password theft … To read more Sophisticated phishing scams putting secrets at risk, Foreign Affairs says [...]

Facebook finally sued in the United States
Facebook finally sued in the United States The Cambridge Analytica case is still making waves for Facebook. Indeed, the Washington Attorney General instituted proceedings against Facebook for having poorly protected the data of its users by deceiving them on the fact that they could be used by third parties for purposes of political manipulation. To […] [...]

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