About DeltaCrypt

The Company

Since 2000, DeltaCrypt has met the growing needs of organizations by providing software solutions and expert advices. A key factor in the company’s success is our trusted customer relationships.DeltaCrypt is a world leader in encryption software technology, information security solutions and compliance provider.

Canada’s Department of National Defence trusts us, why not you?

Our team of experienced and highly qualified cryptographic key management experts, sound security professionals, engineers and application developers is fully invested in meeting customers’ needs (ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SAS 70 Compliance, SOX). Our experienced consultants and engineers have learned to listen carefully to our customers’ needs. Experience has also taught us that our customers can rely on our complete set of software tools that allow them full flexibility and the level of security they need.

The Problem

According to Lloyd’s of London*, cybercrime is costing businesses up to $400 billion annually, and cybercrimes continue to be on the rise for organizations. Annualized cost for 252 benchmarked organizations is $7.7 million per year, with a range from $0.31 million to $65 million.

All governments, public organizations, and corporations face the same and important issue. Protecting the corporation’s data and the one of their customers is a consideration held at the highest levels, from head of governments to board of directors.

* Loyd’s CEO to World Economic Forum, 2015-01

The Solutions

Deployment of security intelligence systems makes a difference. The cost of cybercrime is moderated by the use of security intelligence systems, and findings** suggest that companies using security intelligence technologies were more efficient in detecting and containing cyberattacks. As a result, these companies enjoyed an average cost savings of $1.9 million when compared to companies not deploying security intelligence technologies.

** Ponemon Institute, 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study, 2015-10

Ingenuity at the Service of IT Security

DeltaCrypt is active in the field of server access and data security. Its product offering includes strong two-factor authentication systems that restrict access to only authorized personnel, data ports protection to avoid unauthorized data extract from the user base, advanced encryption tools for USB, external hard disk, and file protection to secure data “on the road” or exchanged through emails, and consulting services to assess systems security, implement security solutions, and develop custom made security systems.



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