DUSK-File Encryption


Comprehensive File and Folder Encryption

To protect a specific document or sensitive data stored on individual computers (whether continuously or at computer shutdown) turn to the DeltaCrypt DUSK-File Encryption Solution to get versatile protection and ensure data protection and confidentiality.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

DUSK-File Encryption ensures complete data protection and confidentiality, leaving no footprint behind. It offers manual and automatic encryption functions that are FIPS-140-2 validated. DUSK-File Encryption also provides digital signatures for non-repudiation of documents.

Selective, Flexible and Versatile Data Protection

DUSK-File Encryption secures workstations as well as laptops. Its multiple functions enable to determine the data protection according to specific needs. As an example, the DUSK-File Encryption solution allows users to select sensitive files and folders that need to be protected and to decrypt them only when needed. The files can be encrypted separately or encrypted as a batch.

The DUSK-File Encryption is also ideal for its automatic functions such as logoff encryption that is launched with no user intervention upon terminating a user session. The DUSK-File Encryption Time-Interval Encryption automatically launches encryption of all original files in pre-determined folder at set time intervals. Let it do the work for you.

To Secure Backup Copies

For secure backup copies, DUSK-File Encryption allows you to save an encrypted copy of your sensitive files in the folder of your choice. Placed in a separate folder, you can save your protected copies to an external drive or keep them in a cloud solution of your choice.

Digital Signature

Digital signatures are used to ensure the integrity of an electronic document as well as to identify the author. DUSK-File Encryption allows to digitally sign a file that is encrypted or not. So when exchanging, you will detect if the exchanged document has been altered and at the same time you will get the assurance of its sender.


  • Automatically protects selected files and folders with minimum intervention
  • Prevents eavesdropping by enabling to strictly decrypt a single file at a time while others remain secure
  • Appends digital signature to files, encrypted or not
  • Protection of selective files, folders, texts and electronic messages
  • Robust data protection
  • FIPS 140-2 validated
  • No encryption footprint
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