DUSKWatch Manager


Manage DeltaCrypt Solutions

DUSKWatch Manager is an administrator console that works in conjunction with DeltaCrypt solutions.

DUSK-USB Encryption

The DUSK-USB Encryption incorporates an administrator Master Key pair created using the DUSKWatch Manager. The Master Key allows for an administrator to recuperate protected data when a user of a DUSK-USB Encryption device forgets his own password. Another user support feature is its remote temporary passwordfeature.

DUSKWatch USB Control

DUSKWatch Manager acts as a management and monitoring tool for the DUSKWatch USB Control. In short, it accomplishes Master Key pair creation (needed when the administrator wants to access a user’s secured files), offers remote password recovery when a user password is lost, provides for data recovery of backup/shadow copies of a DUSK-protected USB device and finally monitorsand reports on users’ activities on USB ports.

DUSKWatch Authentication

With DUSKWatch Authentication, the DUSKWatch Manager is used for token certificate management such as personalization, user PIN changes, certificate renewal and replacement, just to name a few. These management operations are secured by asymmetric cryptography. The DUSKWatch Manager also enables to use separate sets of keys to manage multiple independent token partitions associated to network domains.


  • Grants administrator access to secured data
  • Offers user support
  • Increases user environmental awareness
  • Secure token certificate management
  • Active Directory configurable
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