Authentication Made Easy

Not requiring any specific infrastructure, DUSKWatch EZ 2FA provides two-factor authentication to secure accesses to digital assets and web services with easier means of authenticating users.

Simple Login Security

Based on public key cryptography, DUSKWatch EZ 2FA offers an easy-to-deploy security coupled with FIDO interoperable authentication for online services.

FIDO standards are currently being used to enable simpler, stronger authentication in offerings from Google, PayPal, Mastercard, Bank of America, NTT DOCOMO, BC Card (Korea), Microsoft, Dropbox, GitHub, eBay, Samsung, Facebook, and other leading firms.

Adding A Second Factor

Whether your network environment comprises workstations running Windows 7 and up that still relies on Windows Server 2012 or later, DUSKWatch EZ 2FA is a simple and flexible solution for adding a second factor for controlling accesses.

Third Party Multi-Factor Authentication

Why not authenticate using biometrics, OTP tokens or out-of-band authentication methods such as push, SMS, Text or voice messages? First because DUSKWatch EZ 2FA is more reliable: if biometric is compromised, it is not reversible, not to mention that fingerprints are easily copied because left everywhere. Less expensive and more operable than OTP tokens that do not work offline, and last and not least, more secure than out-of-band SMS according to NIST Special Publication 800-63B.

Deployment Models

DUSKWatch EZ 2FA is compatible with Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services to provide directory-based permissions to access the organization’s data.

Easy access management for the following network models:

  • On-premises
  • VPN
  • Remote Desktop
  • Hybrid: AD FS, Sync, Office 365 SSO
  • FIDO Web Services

Token Form-Factors

DUSK-EZ Card Token remains a sound choice because all cryptographic operations are performed directly on the chip.

DUSK-EZ Hybrid combines the high-level security of a microprocessor with the flexibility of a USB connection to eliminate the need for card readers.

FIDO Dongle: Any third-party FIDO-enabled device can be used by the solution.

Administrator Management

The DUSKWatch Manager is an administrator tool used for token and dongle management. It provides a device inventory list, log records of token connection activities as well as easy token revocation.


  • Authentication based on public key cryptography
  • Cost-efficient: Users can choose from a wide range of affordable FIDO devices available online
  • Easy to use: Plug’n play solution with FIDO-compatible platforms and browsers
  • High privacy: A FIDO Key generates a new pair of keys for every service, and only the service stores the public key
  • GDPR compliance
  • Phishing-resistant authentication
  • Scheduled for early 2019
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