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IT Security Expert Professional Advices

Can your organization face and confront a cyberattack or a disgruntled employee? Unfortunately for many, the answer is no. The DeltaCrypt Security Assessment team can help you prevent cyber attacks and information breaches. DeltaCrypt helps resolve security proactively.

Infosec Assessment Analysis

DeltaCrypt Information Technology Security Assessment (IT Security Assessment also known as a security audit, security review, or network assessment) is the most useful of all security tests. It is an explicit study to locate IT security vulnerabilities and risks ensuring that necessary security controls are properly integrated.

Experienced IT Security Professionals

DeltaCrypt’s experienced team of Security Professionals is focused on helping organizations protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their information assets.

Organizations struggle to ensure proper defense is implemented to protect their valuable information. This is why we try to understand the existing information technology control framework, and identify where organizations are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

Actionable Report

DeltaCrypt Security Assessment provides management with documentation outlining security gaps as well as recommended safeguards to address the proper correction (including costs) or to accept the risk based on an informed analysis.

In short, we are methodological and strategic, and tailor our services based on global IP standards.


  • Improve security and data protection by diagnosticating vulnerabilities
  • Reduce security risk and effort through actionable analysis
  • Raise security environment awareness
  • Better support compliance management
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