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DeltaCrypt Licenses

After purchasing a DeltaCrypt encryption application license or a two factor authentication solution license, you MUST proceed with license registration.

Why Register DeltaCrypt License?

When purchasing a license of a DeltaCrypt encryption application or of a two factor authentication solution, you will receive a link to download a time-limited version of the DeltaCrypt solution to install. Once DeltaCrypt license registration is complete; the time restriction included in the security solution application is removed to let you enjoy DeltaCrypt security with no restriction.

If you have not yet purchased DeltaCrypt’s software application license now visit our Online Store.

DeltaCrypt first uses email addresses for identification purposes; please enter the email address used for making your purchase when completing the registration process. Same email address will also be used to send your serial number to activate the DeltaCrypt Encryption software for legal use.

Please note that DeltaCrypt will not replace duly registered licenses.

If you are encountering any issues, please Contact Us.