DUSK-CD Encryption


CD-ROMs and DVDs were designed to store music and video files, but were later adapted to store binary data. They are ideal for carrying and distributing large numbers of files to correspondents…or for becoming an easy target for prying eyes on office desks! DUSK-CD Encryption provides protection for mobile data on optical disk so you can share your data securely.

Securing Mobile Data on Optical Discs

DeltaCrypt DUSK-CD Encryption protection secures sensitive data burned onto optical disks. Give your mobile data and backup copies the level of security they deserve. Even though CD-ROMs, DVDs or Blu-rays hold copies of original files, they still require protection when distributed or stored!

Protect Optical Discs

Secure mobile data on disks with intuitive drag ’n’ drop technology. This unique solution combines easy-to-use features with powerful public key encryption. 256-bit AES encryption is set by default. DUSK-CD Encryption is an affordable solution that protects an unlimited number of optical discs.

Self-Contained Protection

DUSK-CD Encryption protection is burned directly onto the disc together with the secured data ensuring that protected files can easily be decrypted from any computer without pre-installing a driver or an application.

This self-contained solution is ideal when sending secured files to correspondents. It is also the perfect solution when decrypting on a computer with restricted or limited privileges.


  • DUSK-CD Encryption not only secures files of a disk, it also directly installs on the media support making it ready to use for decrypting
  • Self-contained solution not requiring pre-installation for decrypting
  • Ideal for secure distribution with correspondents
  • Intuitive drag’n drop encryption
  • Protects optical discs : CD-ROMs, DVDs and Blu-Rays
  • Unlimited protection of discs
  • Works with limited and unlimited privileges
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