DUSKWatch Authentication


Strong Authentication

DUSKWatch Authentication adds an essential layer of security in protecting your traditional or virtual networks with two factor authentication. Enjoy strong authentication as offered by DUSKWatch Authentication to control access to your digital assets and to reliably manage the identity of your users.

ROCA Vulnerability Free

DeltaCrypt’s strong authentication based on the MULTOS platform is free from the cryptographic vulnerability known as ROCA (“Return of the Coppersmith Attack”) discovered on October 16, 2017. DeltaCrypt solution does not use Infineon’s software for integrated RSA key generation.

DUSK-ID USB Software Token

DUSKWatch Authentication with DUSK-ID USB Token application that installs on commercial thumb drives provides an affordable solution. It not only re-uses USB drives that your organization already owns but it also combines the token feature with an encrypted partition for protecting mobile data: two solutions in one, thus eliminating an additional device to carry around.

DUSK-ID Card Token

DUSKWatch Authentication with DUSK-ID Card Token remains the safest choice because all cryptographic operations are performed directly on the card with no private key ever exposed. The smart card runs on the MULTOS secure platform of international reputation for additional security.

Contactless/Contact Solution

DUSK-ID Card is a contactless/contact card that offers secure connections with minimal human intervention. It is particularly ideal suited to mobile settings. The contactless interface enables users to easily connect, reduces damage from wear and tear, and performs efficiently in hostile environments.

High-level Access Control Security

The authentication provided by DUSKWatch Authentication is characterized by a high level of security. All user keys employed for sensitive transactions are protected with strong encryption and not by a simple PIN. You don’t have to worry should the USB token or the smart card be lost.

DUSKWatch Manager for Token Certificate Management

The DUSKWatch Manager is an administrator console for token certificate management such as personalization, user PIN changes, certificate renewal and replacement, just to name a few. These management operations are secured by asymmetric cryptography. The DUSKWatch Manager also uses separate sets of keys to manage multiple independent token partitions associated to network domains.


  • Reliable two faction authentication
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Simple, rapid integration with network infrastructure
  • Makes computer systems more secure
  • Active Directory controlled management of authorized users
  • Prevents illegal intrusion
  • Secure credential certificate management
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Partnership with MULTOS

  • Security against Cybercrime
  • Control access to digital assets
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