DUSK-USB Encryption


DUSK-USB Encryption ensures that your organization’s mobile assets found on USB drives are always protected with strong encryption.

USB thumb drives and disk drives are small, cheap, easy to carry, and have become an essential working tool in today’s mobile corporate environment. These features make them perfect vehicles for storage, data back-up and transfer of files. However, due to their size and portability, they are also very easy to lose and put into the wrong hands.

USB Drives Encryption

DUSK-USB Encryption protects off-the-shelf USB removable drives with drag-and-drop encryption regardless the drive size, model or manufacturer. You can easily gather all the USB drives already in circulation at your organization and protect them to ensure your security. Ideal to secure stand-alone external hard drives storing large amount of data (1TB plus).

No Unprotected Space

This security protection fills the complete USB drive, forcing users to protect all mobile data to be carried out. This way, no user’s decision may jeopardize your organisation’s sensitive data. This lack of unprotected space also prevents the installation of viruses.

Administrator Recovery Key

The DUSK-USB Encryption incorporates a Master Key previously created by the administrator. The Master Key allows access to secured user files. A Master Key pair is created with the DUSKWatch Manager

DUSKWatch Manager for User Support

In addition to creating Master Keys used for data recuperation by the administrator, the DUSKWatch Manager offers support for DUSK-USB Encryption protected drive users with its temporary password feature for accessing secured data when needed.


  • Compatible with all USB removable drives regardless of capacity, model and brand
  • Driverless solution
  • Works with limited and unlimited privileges
  • Complete drive protection
  • Administrator recovery key
  • No encryption footprint
  • DUSKWatch USB Control compatible
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