Why Choose DeltaCrypt?

For its world-class expertise in encryption technology and successful track records of state-of-the-art network security solutions and projects development.

Our Expert Knowledge

With more than 15 years in IT security and extensive experience in the fulfillment of major civil and military projects, DeltaCrypt is trusted by organizations sensitive to securing their valuable information.

DeltaCrypt team of experienced and highly qualified cryptographic experts, knowledgeable security professionals, dedicated engineers and application developers is fully invested in meeting customers’ needs in information technology security.

Our Reliable Team

Since 2010, DeltaCrypt is proud to collaborate with the Canadian National Defence in the realization of various national security projects. DeltaCrypt dedicated team of experts is fully invested in providing the most secure and efficient security solutions to meet traditional or special security needs.

Our Expertise

  • Cryptography experts
  • Information security engineering
  • Security solution architecture and design
  • Strong authentication
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Smart cards and software tokens, RFID
  • Encryption protection
  • Digital signature

Our Accrediations

Our Difference

100% Canadian Technology
ITAR Free Technology


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